MoFi Electronics StudioDeck Turntable

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MoFi Electronics StudioDeck and StudioDeck + 


The StudioDeck+ package really is that good, displaying an open, lucid style that's thoroughly addictive and an almost magical ability to make music come alive in a way only the best can.


From the undisputed leader in audiophile recordings since 1977.

Designed and made in the USA with the goal of vinyl playback that's faithful to the original master recording. 

  • 10 inch tonearm
  • 3/4" Delrin platter with decoupled spindle
  • Fully isolated AC synchronous motor
  • Hinged dustcover
  • Stainless steel inverted bearing with brass sleeve and Teflon thrust pad
  • Height adjustable isolation feet by HRS

The StudioDeck + comes ready to play with a factory mounted StudioTracker cartridge, a $199 value, so $50 in savings.