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Kimber Bifocal XL 8-Foot Bi-Wire Speaker Cable (OPEN)

Kimber Bifocal XL 8-Foot Bi-Wire Speaker Cable (OPEN)

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Kimber Bifocal XL 8-Foot Bi-Wire Speaker Cable with WBT-0645 Locking Bananas (pair)

This cable is still current as of 2024, but has the older WBT banana connectors.

Bifocal XL builds on the BIFOCAL X platform by increasing the copper mass on each layer. A 12 wire braid is worked around the X38R core followed by a layer of braided ESD yarn to separate the high-frequency conductors from the 24 braid that makes up the low-frequency conductors.

After three trips through the braider you end up with two distinctly unique cables in a single body. A true biwire or biamp cable in one sleek package. Made of equal parts TC and VS conductors. The best of both TC and VS attributes with much better soundstage and more precise imaging. A better solution for longer runs or more challenging loads.

About Kimber Cable

Founded by Ray Kimber in 1979, Kimber Cable is a beloved pioneer of the hi-fi cable industry. At a time when even dealers did not believe in cables, Ray used great design and A-B testing to help change the industry, and his ever-evolving designs make Kimber a canonical cable brand even today.


  • Low loss fluorocarbon dielectric
  • Polyethylene dielectric
  • VariStrand copper conductors
  • 36 wire counter opposed helix