VPI JMW-3D 12" Tonearm

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VPI JMW-3D 12" Tonearm

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Built on a State-of-the-Art 3D Printing Machine: VPI JMW Classic 3D Armwand Marks the Biggest Advance in Tonearm Technology in Five Decades

Golden Ear Award-Winner Sounds Unbelievably Realistic: VPI JMW Classic 3D Armwand Works on VPI Classic, Super ScoutMaster, and Aries Models as Well as Any VPI 'Table With a Ten-Inch Arm

State-of-the-art 3D printing has produced the biggest advance in tonearm design anyone has ever heard in the form of the award-winning, incredibly natural-sounding JMW Classic 3D armwand. This groundbreaking device simply gets out of the way and lets more music through. Made from one solid piece of perfectly non-resonant epoxy material (a high-temperature laser creates each layer, which measures .001 of an inch at a time), the JMW Classic 3D armwand touts an extremely rigid character that literally has no resonant structure. As a result, this armwand brings dramatic microdetails to the surface and lets you hear more of everything you want to hear on your records. Your VPI turntable will never be the same.