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HiFi Rose

HiFi Rose RSA720 Optical USB Hub

HiFi Rose RSA720 Optical USB Hub

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HiFi Rose RSA720 Optical USB Hub

When you need to connect USB devices such as hard disc drives, thumb drives, computers, CD transports to your HiFi Rose RS130 streamer, you can use the RSA720 to optically isolate all these devices from your audio system. 

In addition, optical transmission can be carried out at a far greater distance than USB, allowing you to have your disc drives away from the audio system, just as if they were servers. 

It can also work as a hub for your USB DAC, allowing you to share drives with it, but unless your DAC has an SFP optical input, this will be without the isolation of optical.

Advanced Optical USB Technology

Consumer computer products are extremely electrically noisy and are best kept away from delicate audio signals. Optical isolation is a great way to eliminate conducted noise along copper cables. It will not, of course, eliminate noise that modifies the signal (i.e. distortion), but stray electrical and induced RF interference is a huge source of degradation of your musical playback. 

The RSA720 has four independent USB ports to connect a variety of devices simultaneously and is carefully designed to offer stable, high-speed data transmission. 

Included Accessories

Includes a USB Cable, Ethernet Cable, and Optical SFP Modules for a complete setup experience.

  • SP module x 2
  • SFP LC cable 1m
  • USB 3.0 type B cable 1m
  • Adaptor
  • AC power cord
  • Manual


Inputs: USB 3.0 Type B, USB 3.0, 10G SFP

Outputs: USB 2.0 Type B, SFP

Power: DC 12 V, 3 A

Dimensions (WDH): 5.98" x 6.04" x 1.32"

Weight: 2.65 lb.


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