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Hana Mono SL Moving Coil Cartridge

Hana Mono SL Moving Coil Cartridge

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Hana Mono SL Moving Coil Cartridge

HANA-SL Cartridge brings great quality to mono recordings with its Low Output MONO Phono Cartridge

Important: If you play a mono record with a stereo cartridge, imperfections due to the difference between the left/right channel will result in an unstable and partially fuzzy image. 

A mono switch to some extent can improve this, however, a mono cartridge is the only way to get the best sound from a mono record. More information below. The SL MONO Shibata design diamond needle profile will ensure you get the best possible detail and accuracy from your mono records.

This new line from Japan is named "華" (or Hana, which means “brilliant and gorgeous” in the original Japanese) and is going to be highly appreciated more and more. HANA Phono Cartridges use high rigidity aluminum cantilevers, Alnico magnets, cross-shaped armatures, providing you with brilliant and gorgeous sound. 

Why use a mono-specific cartridge?

If you play a mono record with a stereo cartridge you will not achieve the same signal in the two channels due to imperfections such as crosstalk, noise, phase errors, tracking error, antiskating, and distortion. This difference between the channels will result in an unstable and partially fuzzy image. A mono switch, to some extent, can improve this.

Playing the same record with a mono cartridge will have none of these problems, as the cartridge produces only one signal, which is directed to both channels in the system. This will provide a much more forceful and stable image with a fuller sound.

Another significant advantage of using a mono cartridge to play mono records is the absence of response to vertical movement. This means that a mono cartridge is essentially impervious to the pinching effect when the stylus is pushed vertically upward in very narrow grooves. In addition, the response to dust, dirt and wear will be reduced substantially as the vertical component will not be heard. The final result will be a much cleaner and noiseless reproduction of the mono record. These effects cannot be achieved merely by the use of a mono switch.


Stylus: Nude diamond Shibata

Output level: 0.5 mv / 1 kHz

Output balance: <1.5 db/1 kHz

Vertical tracking force: 2 g

Trackability: 70 µm/2 g 

Frequency response: 15-32,000 Hz

Impedance: 30 Ω/1 KHz

Inductance: 40 µH

Suggested load: >400 Ω

Cartridge weight: 5 g