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Grado Prestige Green3 MI Cartridge

Grado Prestige Green3 MI Cartridge

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Grado Prestige Green3 MI Cartridge

The Green3 are hand-selected cartridges from Black3 production runs that meet higher test specifications. Approximately 15% of the run exhibits these specs and become a Green3.

Both the Black3 and Green3 use a three-piece OTL cantilever that has a Grado specific diamond mounted on a brass bushing. Grado’s OTL, or optimized transmission line, technology provides an ideal transfer of signal from the surface of the LP to the generator of the system. This technology rejects unwanted resonances and lowers distortion preserving the fundamental and harmonic frequencies of the music. This also helps keep noise generated by the motor system in the cartridge to a minimum.

Grado’s OTL stylus/cantilever design makes records sound quieter, improves the height, width, and depth of the soundstage, and present more detail than previously obtainable.

The Black3 and Green3 are hand-assembled by Grado's team in Brooklyn, where some builders have over 25 years of experience. The coil winding techniques, using ultra high purity copper wire which were honed during the development of the Lineage Series, have let the electrical circuits achieve unison between the four coils in each phono cartridge. This allows for a precise balance between channels and accurate stereo imaging.

As in all Grado phono cartridges, the Black3 & Green3 are powered by a twin magnet system that optimizes the balance between stereo channels. All internal magnetic circuit parts are held to extremely high tolerances creating the desired stereo imaging. Grado’s patented Flux-Bridger design allows the Black3 & Green3 to have one of the lowest effective moving mass generating systems while creating an excellent balance throughout the full frequency range.

The development of the Epoch in the Lineage Series gave Grado an in-depth experience with using an outer housing as a damping device. This led to the creation of a process that de-stresses the chassis and dissipates unwanted energy and resonant frequencies.


Frequency response: 10-50,000 hz
Principal: MI
Input load: 47 kOhm
Output at 1 kHz 5 CM/sec: 5mV
Recommended tracking force: 1.5 g
Stylus type: E
Stylus replacement: U
Mounting: S/P
Weight: 5.5 g