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Upscale Certified Tubes

Gold Lion ECC83 / B759 / 12AX7

Gold Lion ECC83 / B759 / 12AX7

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Gold Lion ECC83 / 12AX7

Let's face it... NOS 12AX7's are getting scarce. When that happens, the price goes up. The good news? The quality of current production 12AX7's is getting better and better. The latest Russian re-issue is a perfect example. These Gold Lion 12AX7 re-issues sound incredible: A full, glorious midrange with great texture and liquid detail, extended yet controlled highs, tight bass.

Very quiet and low in microphonics. Due to the larger plate structure, if you're the kind of guy who likes to thwack their tubes with their fingernails... these will likely reward you with a loud "PING!" through the speakers. The solution? Don't thwack them with your fingernails!

These tubes tested extremely low in noise and microphonics across the board, so we do not have any Driver/Buffer Grade.

Platinum grade - The best of the best. Lowest noise and microphony with the tightest triode balance we have available. This is typically 10% or tighter, but may be higher depending on available stock.

Gold grade - Low noise and microphonics with a triode balance typically between 15% and 20%, but may be higher depending on available stock.

Click here for a more in depth discussion on how we grade tubes.

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