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Focal Theva / Vestia Speaker Stands (pair)

Focal Theva / Vestia Speaker Stands (pair)

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Focal Theva / Vestia Speaker Stands (pair)

Time-aligned stand for the Focal No1 loudspeaker.

At Upscale we prefer to call "bookshelf" loudspeakers "standmounts" as they absolutely come alive when placed on proper speaker stands. Stands allow you to move them away from walls, lift the tweeter to ear height, and allow you to hear deep, impactful bass by offering a rigid support that does not flex, and drains away unwanted vibrations.

Designed in harmony with the entire Theva and Vestia lines, this stand for the Theva No1 or Vestia No1 allows the loudspeaker to be fixed to the base for optimum isolation and stability. The stand tilt is calculated to time align the tweeter with the mid-bass driver, allowing for a simpler crossover and a more coherent, cogent sound. Spikes and feet are included.


Height (w/o Spikes): 1.8 ft (55 cm)

Weight: 8.4 lb (3.8 kg)