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Ferrum HYPSOS Linear/Switching Hybrid Power Supply

Ferrum HYPSOS Linear/Switching Hybrid Power Supply

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Ferrum HYPSOS Linear/Switching Hybrid Power Supply

The transient speed of switching supplies combined with the low noise and low impedance of linear supplies

HYPSOS defines a brand new category of hi-fi product. It’s not a simple power supply but an audio component of its own; an equally (or even more) important part of a setup as any other. HYPSOS offers a selection of unique features and even accounts for future software improvements as the device is software controlled with as few hardware-dependent elements as possible. 


  • Hybrid design. Linear/switching hybrid design to get the advantages from both techniques, low ripple and noise as well as fast transient response and high efficiency
  • Adjustable. Wide continuous output voltage range of 5-30 V and up to 6 A.
  • Sweet Spot Tuning (SST). Fine-tune the output voltage for the best sound. The voltage level can be safely adjusted on the fly to allow easy comparison testing.
  • 4T Sensing Design (4TSD). Ensuring the exact voltage level precisely at the point of the powered device DC input terminal. The special cable design with feedback ensures flat voltage at every moment. This technique eliminates the harmful effects of the cable's resistance effectively improving transient response.
  • Advanced automation. Compatibility with Apple TV remote, Trigger in/out connector; possibility to automate power-up of the devices with standby mode even without dedicated trigger connection.
  • Safe. Automatic Transformer Voltage Adjust (ATVA), Electronic Output Voltage Polarity Switch and overvoltage, current limit and short protection. Settings lock to prevent accidental change of the parameters.

Make your current audio setup perform to its potential. Tweak the sound by modifying the voltage level on the fly and use the preferred combination of the 4-Terminal Sensing and Spread Spectrum Mode settings.

The HYPSOS ships with a 5×2.5 mm DC plug cable, and 5×2.1 mm custom cables can be made to order at additional cost.


Output Voltage Range: 5-30 V

Max Continuous Output Current (< 13.3 V): 6 A

Max Continuous Output Power (> 13.3 V): 80 W

Maximum Impulse Current: 9 A

Maximum Impulse Power: 270 W for 30 V

Primary Winding Fuse: IEC 5x20mm, 250V 3.15A

Secondary Winding Fuse: Littefuse 154004T, 4A

Dimensions (WDH): 8.6" x 8.1" x 2" (217.5 x 206.5 x 50 cm)

Weigth: 6.2 lb (2.89 kg)