EAT Prelude Turntable w/ Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge

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EAT Prelude Turntable

The EAT Prelude - an affordable high-end turntable! EAT is acclaimed for our real high-end turntables and driving physics to the theoretical maximum. Especially with the use of mass, EAT designs reduce extraneous vibrations, resonances, and coloration of the sound. Now EAT offers for the first time, our most affordable turntable but still neutral in sound. Our basic design principle stays the same. Only a heavyweight aluminum platter can give you the correct speed and precision. We use a low tolerance (0.01) polished stainless steel spindle in a soft bronze bushing, to ensure a super silent and smooth movement. This is the same base material as in our high-end designs.

Our plinth is made out of very dense MDF, which has eight layers of lacquer on it, to give a luxury look and finish. Often we see in this price category particle board chassis with glued laminate. We use a free-standing 100% isolated motor with no connection to the plinth, which is the only way to ensure no motor vibrations are passed on. The Prelude also includes a precision diamond-cut pulley, a high damping, precision cut drive belt, and high purity balanced copper cable. Most of our customers in this price range will use an MM cartridge. So we designed the new 9" A-Note tonearm that is a lightweight, ultra stiff and resonance-free carbon tonearm tube, which is fabricated as a single piece. We decided against a heavier metal headshell, as the lightweight design simply creates more ideal tonearm/cartridge resonance frequencies with a Moving Magnet cartridge. Very unusual for this price is the bearing block for the tonearm and the counterweight. The mass bearing block acts as an energy sink for all resonances from the cartridge as well as low frequencies from the plinth. The counterweight implements an anti-resonator damper to reduce the amplitude of the natural tonearm/cartridge resonance. In addition, the counterweight is marked to easily allow for setting the cartridge downforce, and the anti-skate is even easier! We have chosen one of the best buy cartridges available today, a perfect partner for Prelude. The discerned listener will admit that the Prelude tonearm will elevate the pre-fitted Ortofon 2M Red cartridge to a completely new level. A hinged acrylic dustcover also is included, and the elegant piano lacquer finish fits into every home. We know that in general, all low mass turntables tend to sound boomy because of the stored energy and vibrations. With the careful application of mass and stiffness, the Prelude will surprise you with an astonishing lack of coloration and great dynamics. It is the perfect start for a true audiophile hi-fi system!

The Prelude comes with:
  • 9" A-Note tonearm
  • Isolated outboard motor
  • Ortofon 2M Red cartridge
  • Dustcover included