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DS Audio

DS Audio HS-001 Solid Steel Headshell

DS Audio HS-001 Solid Steel Headshell

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DS Audio HS-001 Solid Steel Headshell

Designed for low resonance, great stability, and even pressure on the contacts.

Each HS-001 is precision machined out of a solid billet of duralumin for the ultimate in rigidity and resonance control. The Litz signal leads are hand-soldered with Japanese-made Litz wire. 

Conventional headshells have the connecting pin attached only to the upper side, causing uneven contact pressure between the arm and the headshell. However, the HS-001 Solid Head Shell adopts both an upper and lower pin structure, equalizing the pressure on the contacts and applying force evenly across the connection to the tonearm.

Moreover, a spherical DS Audio headshell washer used at the contact point with the tonearm, achieves stable contact over the entire circumference of the contact point, providing improved stability and resonance control.


Material: Ultra duralumin with gold-plated connectors

Shell Lead Wire: Litz wire 4N φ 0.08 x 10 x 3 yore rings

Included Hardware: 2 x M 2.6 L 8, 2 x M 2.6 L 12

Dimensions (WHD): 40" x 21" x 55"

Weight (excluding shell lead wire): 10.5 g