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Dr. Feickert Analogue

Dr. Feickert Analogue Woodpecker Turntable

Dr. Feickert Analogue Woodpecker Turntable

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Dr. Feickert Analogue Woodpecker Turntable

Given the Woodpecker’s ability to work well with cartridges far more expensive and capable than what would normally be installed, it could possibly serve its owner far into the future.
It has superb timing, imaging and tonal resolution. More importantly it does serious bass. These impressive sonic qualities combine with very high build and finish to make a highly desirable turntable.


The idea

… was built out of customers‘ enquiries. Most peoples‘ association of a turntable is a wooden box, platter and tonearm - that‘s it. And here we go: Have a look at our idea of such a design. With the very high level of performance already given from the older models the only difference should be the appearance.

The mission

… was not simple. From the very beginning it was clear that we want to excel our older products transferring their virtues into a traditional chassis. So we were looking for new ways to reach this goal and get the results we were looking for …

After a lot of refinement we found a way to get correct interaction of only one mass layer with the chassis. At the same time our focus was on „ease of use“ with features like the sliding armbase with pivot-spindle scale. This approach allows you to change tonearms within a couple of minutes and imagine how easy it can be to set up a tonearm this way …

The result

… is a new design on its own - timeless elegance meets excellent sound. Refining our well-proven bearing design, platter and high torque motor, we bettered the virtues of our old models in a compact chassis. Needless to say that motor electronics was newly developed from scratch to match this new approach in a perfect way.

The sound

… will leave you stunned – no matter which tonearm you are planning to use (the sliding-base allows you to mount nearly all available tonearms from 9 up to 12 inches). Relax, listen to pure music and forget about the technology behind.