Dr. Feickert Analogue Universal Alignment Protractor

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Dr. Feickert Analogue Universal Alignment Protractor

This is it! Dr. Feickert's next generation protractor! We welcome this improved version of a very effective tool. The parameters are now carried out to utilize not only Lofgren and Baerwald equations but also Stevenson. This provides even further choices to reduce the distortion that can be caused by a less-than-ideal tangential position of your cartridge while tracking the grooves of your records. This is the best solution for accurately aligning your cartridge with a wider variety of tonearms. It is accurate, compact, more versatile and even easier to use.

The Absolute Sound's "Must Have" Accessory
Enthusiasts with even moderately priced analog setups will find this protractor to be indispensable…No more guessing over crude paper or plastic overhang markers or mirrored devices; this thing works like a charm.

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