Clearaudio Virtuoso v2 Ebony Moving Magnet Cartridge

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Clearaudio Virtuoso v2 Ebony Moving Magnet Cartridge


Can I find at least one criticism of the Virtuoso Wood? No. The performance of the Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood was so ear-opening that I recommend that anyone thinking of spending up to $2500 on a moving-coil cartridge consider buying the $750 Wood instead, and investing the money saved in better components elsewhere in the system.


Clearaudio's wood body moving magnet cartridge is also their highest output at 3.6mV. The wood body gives the Virtuoso a warm, nicely rounded tone and excellent channel separation.


Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
Output: 3.6mV
Channel balance: < 0.3 db
Channel separation: 30db
Tracking force: 2.0g
Loading: 47k ohms
Cantilever: Aluminum
Weight: 6 grams
Includes: 2 years manufacturers warranty