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Clearaudio Artist v2 Ebony Moving Magnet Cartridge

Clearaudio Artist v2 Ebony Moving Magnet Cartridge

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Clearaudio Artist v2 Ebony Moving Magnet Cartridge

The middle of the Clearaudio Wood range, this cartridge sits between the Performer and the Virtuoso. Here's a quote on the Virtuoso:


The tonal balance was more middle-to-rear-of-hall, but the richness and fullness of the brass and strings were to die for: well burnished, and the Maestro's ability to reproduce orchestral weight surpassed that of many MCs of any price.


Clearaudio sets new standards in the phono-cartridge parameters of impedance, inductance, load capacitance, and sensitivity, through tireless research and continuous measurement in its own laboratory. Clearaudio continuously measures and analyses the built-in magnets to produce the perfect balance of the stereo channels. As a result, minimal distortion values, flat frequency response, and high output voltage provide a vivid and tactile musicality.


Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
Output voltage (1kHz, 5cm/s): 4.0 mV
Channel separation (1kHz): > 28 dB
Channel balance (1kHz): < 0.6 dB
Tracking force (recommended 1.8 -2.6 g): 2.2 g
Load resistance: 47 kOhm
Load capacitance: 100 pF
Cantilever: Aluminium
Stylus type: Ellilptical
Weight: 8.4 g