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Cardas Iridium Phono Cable

Cardas Iridium Phono Cable

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Cardas Iridium Phono Cable

A star quad cable with four 24.5 AWG copper conductors. The most affordable line that uses Golden Ratio Stranded Litz conductors.

Cardas takes its proven multi-stranded, golden ratio scaled Litz copper conductors and combines them in a star quad arrangement for the perfect balance of detail and warmth. Iridium blends natural treble with a smooth midrange and quick bass response for a very musical phono cable that's based on the Iridium interconnect.

Iridium is the most attainable of Cardas' lineup to feature Golden Ratio Stranded Litz conductors. In a Litz conductor, every copper strand has a non-conductive enamel coating that must be burned off with flux and a solder pot prior to termination. The benefit from the mitigation of skin effect is huge, but Litz design is too labor intensive for entry-level products.