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Cardas Clear Sky X4 Speaker Cable

Cardas Clear Sky X4 Speaker Cable

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Cardas Clear Sky X4 Speaker Cable

A bi-wire version of the entry into Clear. With all of the Clear cables, you get improvements in neutrality, dynamics, and high frequency extension. Sky is the easiest way to experience what is possible with Cardas Clear cables.

Sky X4 is neutral, revealing and dynamic, with tightly controlled bass, strong midrange and impressive high frequency extension. The Clear cables are known for their holographic imaging, and Sky X4 delivers that thanks to its two concentric Matched Propagation Conductors, designed specifically for this cable.

Using a braiding technique that can be performed at a faster pace, and larger copper strands in its Golden Ratio scaled conductors than those found further up the range, Sky X4 can be produced in greater quantity, more quickly, than the rest of the Clear cables. Much of the sonic character of the Clear line remains present, however. Sky X4 delivers performance beyond its price.

The original Clear Sky had a single concentric conductor. Sky X4 doubles that, giving it a cable geometry similar to Clear Cygnus & Clear itself. This also allows for an internal bi-wire.


Conductors: 2 x 9.5 AWG Cardas copper

Construction: PFA dielectric,  concentric Clear Sky conductor, Matched Propagation, Golden section, Litz, Alcryn jacket