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Cardas Clear Beyond XL Power Cable

Cardas Clear Beyond XL Power Cable

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Cardas Clear Beyond XL Power Cable

The flagship power cable with passive noise filtration designed for the most sensitive source components and biggest power amps.

As you might have guessed, to create Clear Beyond Power XL, Cardas took its acclaimed Clear Beyond Power, and scaled everything up. XL has bigger conductors, better shielding, and improved noise filtering. The bump on the cable is another level of noise filtration that uses a simple and graceful geometry that could only come from the mind of George Cardas to effectively lengthen the ground to over three times the length of the cable. 

Cardas' most sophisticated power cable is designed to provide the largest, most power-hungry amplifiers with clean, high current, while also giving sensitive source components stable, noise-free power for the absolute highest fidelity.

Clear Beyond XL is terminated with all new premium Cardas E-5 connectors that use silver/rhodium-plated copper contact surfaces.