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Cardas Clear Beyond X2 Phono Cable

Cardas Clear Beyond X2 Phono Cable

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Cardas Clear Beyond X2 Phono Cable

For use with 5-pin DIN tonearms, offering the benefits of a dual run cable.

Once a “secret menu item”, the Clear Beyond X2 Dual Phono is the result of requests for Cabasse to offer a pair of Clear Beyond Interconnects for use with a 5-pin DIN tonearm in an extreme analog system being shown at the Munich High End Show. Word spread, and those in the know fell in love with it.

While a single run of Clear Beyond Interconnect, with its multiple shields and eight 26.5 AWG Matched Propagation Conductors, is a top-performer, some vinyl playback systems, however, benefit from a dual run of interconnects. That’s not a problem when your turntable has RCA outputs. But if your tonearm has a DIN connector, you’re typically limited to a consolidated phono cable. Clear Beyond Dual Phono solves that problem elegantly, using the Cardas classic phono box to join the cables before they come together at the DIN.