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Cardas Clear Beyond Headphone Cable

Cardas Clear Beyond Headphone Cable

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Cardas Clear Beyond Headphone Cable

Matched Propagation 8 x 25.5 AWG copper and 4 x 30 AWG silver core with separate cables for each channel. 

Developing the Clear Beyond headphone cable was no small task. It required the development of the first miniaturized concentric Matched Propagation Conductor, which presented challenges in both production and termination. Once those were conquered, Cardas began looking at ways to improve the conductor. Taking cues from Clear Beyond Interconnect, Cardas refined the stranding and braiding, creating a finer arrangement of Grade 1 Ultra Pure Cardas Copper wire. This yielded notable improvements, but Cardas took it further by doing something it has never done before, adding silver.

The all-new Hybrid Metallurgy Matched Propagation Conductor features a 30 AWG strand of Cardas Grade 1 Silver Wire. The results are spectacular. 


Conductor: 8 x 25.5 AWG Grade 1, 99.9999% pure oxygen-free copper, 4 x 30 AWG Grade 1 silver core (17.5 AWG per polarity)

Dielectric: PTFE tape-wrapped jacket

Geometry: Concentrically wound two conductor flanked by anti-static fibers. Braided nylon outer jacket with copper-plated hardware.

Construction: Matched Propagation, Kevlar core, SPN copper clear coat (Litz), gauge sizes scaled to golden ratio proportions, cross-field layer geometry

Outside Diameter: 0.182” (4.63 mm)