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Cabasse Java MC40 Floorstanding Loudspeaker (each)

Cabasse Java MC40 Floorstanding Loudspeaker (each)

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    Speakers are the most important thing! Kevin is really sensitive to phase coherence, which is why Cabasse's dual-concentric drivers just blow him away with their realistic response. A horn-loaded HF driver sits within the midrange driver, and bass support comes from two 7" woofers. With its huge sweet spot, the MC40 is a speaker that's easy to place and an absolute joy to listen to.

Cabasse Java MC40 Floorstanding Loudspeaker (each)

A three-way, coaxial mid-tweeter passive speaker with two 7" woofers

A major innovation, the new MC40 range is dedicated to all music lovers looking for a new high-fidelity experience. With the introduction of SCS high-end technology in this price segment, Cabasse invites you to discover a new sonic world rich with precision, realism, and a 3D soundstage. Fitted with the new BC10 2-way coaxial unit and twin 17 cm Duocell woofers, the 3-way floorstanding speaker Java MC40 delivers elegant live sound emotion and unrivaled value.

Developed from the TC23, the three-way co-axial driver fitted to the top of the range speakers, including the flagships “La Sphère” and “l’Océan”, the BC10 offers a faithful reproduction of timbres with no artificial coloration or auditory fatique in long listening sessions, and provides a soundstage with unrivaled realism and depth in this price segment.

The Java MC40’s 7” woofers are fitted with a Duocell cone designed by Cabasse and manufactured with Cabasse robotics. The very light, but rigid and nicely damped cone has an exponential profile and variable thickness, to obtain the most of the long-stroke motors and powerful magnets. They bring the full precision and vitality required for high fidelity, true to live sound.


HF/MF Driver: Coaxial BC10, 4" ring, 1" dome

LF Driver: 2 x 6.7" MD18LB1 Duocell

Frequency Response: 59–23,000 Hz

Crossover Points: 900 Hz, 3,400 Hz

Sensitivity: 90 dB

Nominal Impedance: 8 ohm

Minimum Impedance: 3.4 ohm

Dimensions: 43" x 9.8" x 13.8"

Weight: 53 lb