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Bob's Devices

Bob's Devices Shielded Silver Clad Copper Interconnects (pair)

Bob's Devices Shielded Silver Clad Copper Interconnects (pair)

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Bob's Devices Shielded Silver Clad Copper Interconnects (pair)


Specially designed for low voltage/low current applications, these Bob's Devices cables are ideal for for connecting your turntable to phonostage or SUT, or between your SUT and phonostage. They are double shielded to avoid EFI/RFI, giving you black backgrounds and a clear an open sound.

All Bob's Devices cables are hand-crafted, fully balanced, individually tested, and terminated with top-of-the-line Cardas Audio SRCA or Cardas XLR connectors.

Careful Cable Design

All internal connections are resistance soldered and the architecture is balanced with an additional foil shield that's covered with a braided conductive shield that is connected on one end only. This provides shielding effectively rejecting RF and EM interference without creating ground loops (say goodbye to hum).

Bob's custom terminated silver-clad crystal copper interconnects feature a balanced design architecture using polyethylene insulation and a pair of silver-plated copper conductors (SP-OFC) that are insulated with foamed polyethylene and wrapped together by a double screen shielding consisting of a tinned OFC braided shield coupled to an Aluminum/Mylar shield.

This wire architecture is modeled from the wire Koetsu uses to wrap their Platinum magnets.

The result is a sound that will thrill you with exhilarating highs, tight bass, and romantic mids—very much the Koetsu paradigm.  

The silver-clad copper wire uses tUP-OCCP (Ultra Pure - Ohno Continuous Casting Process) which is a continuous-casting method that was developed by Professor Ohno of the Chiba Institute in Japan. This wire is free from impurities (up to 99.99998% pure copper and silver). Accordingly, it is able to transmit electrical signals faster, and with less distortion than ordinary OFC and silver wires.