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Ah! AS Direkt Interconnect

Ah! AS Direkt Interconnect

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Ah! AS Direkt Interconnect

Speed and openness. But without being hot on top. Such a difficult balance to achieve. But this cable is an overachiever! You will enjoy a wonderful sense of space, and confidence that you are using some of the best available without overspending. As you move up the food chain to better and better gear, you will be happy to know you have cables that can "keep up".

Long runs? No problem. And it won't take away from your gear budget. Like all Ah! Cables, these are precision made in Switzerland.

Remember we said that Herman is particular? And if we spend so much on raw material, using Swiss-made cable, that does not leave much for termination, right?

Think again. The RCA plugs are Eichmann Bullet Plugs made in Australia. Considered by many to be the only RCA plug that is "invisible" in its sound. Eichmann plugs sell for $38/set by themselves! Most cables companies will use a plug that sells for $1 each in their $100 cables

When it comes to XLR connectors...there is only one name. Neutrik. These Swiss made XLR plugs are the standard of the industry. And not inexpensive. We know of no other company offering this type of termination at our price point.