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Kevin Deal KLH review

"A two-way speaker can be very beguiling."

Some of you have a mini metropolis of a hi-fi rig and sometimes yearn for a "cabin in the woods" second system. Others simply don't have the disposable income to plunk down $53,000 on a pair of Focal Scala Utopia EVO Loudspeakers (in stock, and on demo, by the way!) but want something that has all of the heart and soul of high-end hi-fi no matter what the budget.

Enter KLH.

After some recent listening at the Upscale Audio demo rooms, we are happy to strongly recommend that you add KLH to your "Cabin in the Woods" list for that escape system, or to your "Low Budget, High Fidelity" list as you build a really great starter system you can live with for a long, long time.

This choice is even easier now as the KLH Model Three is on a sale so deep it's nearly half off.

No Two Ways About It

Talk to old hands at an audio store and you'll see them light up when they talk about two-way loudspeakers.

"There's something very charming about them," says Kevin. "A two-way speaker can be very, very... beguiling. And they image like a demon."

It's true. When we sat down in front of the Model Three, they checked every audio review cliche about imaging. "Holographic"? Like it's 1984, and you just received the National Geographic with the 3D eagle on the cover. "Disappeared in the room"? Like the Statue of Liberty in the hands of David Copperfield.

The Acoustic Suspension of Disbelief

Though Kevin, in his video about the Model Three on the product page, warns you not to expect giant bass from this small speaker, we found that it has a surprisingly deep voice. The acoustic suspension design results in bass that's tuneful, with a truly addictive ease and bounce to it. Even at low volumes, the Model Three will make you stop talking and turn to see what's playing.

The Model Five, already our best-selling speaker, brings more bandwidth and more weight, and while it is a wonderful speaker, if you have a smaller room, there's a magic to the Model Three that is—and we have to repeat Kevin here—beguiling.

KLH Model 5

True American Beauties

KLH uses real-wood veneers and offers West African Mahogany and English Walnut versions. The Model Five is also available in all black. At 29 lb. and 44 lb., both speakers are far heavier than you'd expect, and fit and finish is truly superb. Combine all of that with a whopping ten-year warranty and the value proposition is hard to beat.

From now until July 12, save $800 on a pair of Model Three, and $300 on a pair of Model Five. Act fast! We have single-digit inventory levels across both models in all finishes, and fully expect to sell out.

 KLH Model 3 KLH Model 5
KLH Model Three KLH Model Five

We're Open on Saturdays

Upscale Audio Headphone Showroom

The Upscale Audio store at 2058 Wright Avenue in La Verne is open on Saturdays from 9 to 5. We will be running with a smaller crew, and there are a couple of important things to note:

1) As with all other days, you'll need to call ahead and set up an appointment for a specific demo. If you decide to drop by, you won't be turned away, but your auditions will be limited to our headphone station and—only if the rooms are free—whatever systems we already have set up.

2) The warehouse will be closed, so if you need to pick up something, please call ahead, and we'll ensure we bring it over by Friday. If you buy something while you're here, it might be cheaper to ship it! After all, shipping is free above $49, and you'll save a little on La Verne city tax. Unless you live in La Verne...

Please call 909.931.9686 to make a demo appointment.

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