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An underrated high performer that really shines

Revel Bookshelf Speakers

Founded in Northridge, California, Revel is known for its obsession with accuracy.

Revel is a brand that demonstrates how great engineering and a focus on accuracy and measurable performance can create truly emotive hi-fi products that are able to get out of the way and connect you with the musician.

Since 1996, Revel has relied on highly experienced and expert audio engineers with state-of-the-art testing facilities and design tools at their disposal. Revel is one of the few speaker companies that can simply start product lines from scratch, re-engineering nearly every component as it learns and grows from each series.

Revel's Acoustic Lens tech stands as a good example of an intensively R&D'd feature that brings greater accuracy across several product lines. This carefully designed waveguide adds 2.5 dB to tweeter output, allowing the driver to function for longer within its ideal parameters. It also allows the tweeter dispersion to be more like the dispersion of the other drivers, creating an evenly distributed sound field that is far less susceptible to phase issues after hitting reflection points.

Among many highlights, the Northridge facility contains a full-sized anechoic chamber, capable of damping reflections off of walls and floors (because there are only absorptive foam pieces in every direction) to the point that they don't exist. If you've never been inside a room like this, it's a truly unique and sometimes haunting experience. The Revel engineers can get supremely precise measurements from this room, allowing them to design drivers, cabinets, and crossovers that all combine to delight the human ear.

While too much reliance on measurement can sometimes lead to missing the forest for the trees, Revel's engineering efforts always pay off in excellent results when it comes to accuracy, dynamics, visceral excitement, and pure, musical fun.

We have several Revel speaker models in stock, from floorstanders to standmounts to center and on-wall speakers. Here are some highlights.

Book of Revel: An Upscale Selection

From the ceramic composite and beryllium PerformaBe series to the aluminum dome and cone Concerta2 series, Revel offers extreme engineering at every price point. Here's a selection of the Revel speakers we have in stock and ready to ship. But as always, call us and see if these are the perfect speakers for you and your system.

Revel PerformaBe Floorstanding Loudspeakers

The flagship of the second-from-top PerformaBe series, the $17,600 F328Be offers so much of the stunning performance of the top Ultima2 range, that we just had to have this speaker on hand. Coming in right behind this model is the $11,000 F228Be also a three-way but with one less bass driver. This is the floorstanding 8" woofer PerformaBe for those with smaller rooms. (If you want to go down a woofer size, consider the 6" driver equipped F226Be, for lighter but snappy bass in smaller rooms.)

Lovers of speed, detail, and air on the top end will appreciate the PerformaBe tweeters made from the lightest, stiffest, most damped transducer material money can buy: beryllium.

The mid and bass drivers of speakers with beryllium tweeters have a tough job. To keep up with the F328Be and F228Be tweeter, Revel uses a special material it calls Deep Ceramic Composite which offers an extremely stiff non-resonant cone that promotes ideal pistonic motion. The resultant midrange purity and detail, and bass speed and energy are truly magical.

 Buy Revel F328Be Revel F328Be Revel F226Be
Revel F328Be Revel F228Be

Revel Concerta2 Floorstanding Loudspeakers

If you like what you're reading about Revel's engineering, but want to come in at a lower price, the Concerta2's aluminum driver series will baffle you with how beautifully engineered they are, even at this entry price to the Revel family.

The 2.5-way F36 runs the show at $2,200 a pair, with its 1" aluminum tweeter, and three 6.5" low/mid aluminum cone woofers. Just behind is the darling of Revel's whole line-up, the $1,760 F35, also a 2.5-way but with 5.25" low/mids instead. If you're adding speakers to a small system, building up a home theater, or recommending speakers to a non-audiophile friend who doesn't want to spend too much, F35 it is, no hesitation.

For Revel engineering in an even smaller package, the M16 standmounts at $990 are a great choice for rear or surround speakers, or to build a lively office system with amazing imaging and lots of dynamic drive.

Revel Concerta2 F35 Revel Concerta2 F36 Revel Concerta2 M16
 Revel Concerta2 F35 Revel Concerta2 F36 Revel Concerta2 M16
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