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PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium CD Player Silver (BLEM)

PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium CD Player Silver (BLEM)

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PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium CD Player Silver (BLEM)

In true PrimaLuna fashion, the stunning ProLogue Classic CD Player revolutionized the audio industry by introducing the world's first tube-based data clocking device: the SuperTubeClock™

By incorporating a low-noise mini-triode vacuum tube into the digital clock, this boldly conceived design provides vastly superior resolution, detail retrieval, improved clarity, increased definition and detail from top to bottom.

The ProLogue Premium CD Player takes this tradition, then takes it to the next level by adding a second SuperTubeClock™, improving the front-end circuit and power transformers, and adding the highest-quality USB input to allow use of your computer as a playback device, creating one of the most musical, and versatile CD players available today!

Super Tube Clock

An ultra-low jitter clocking device that replaces the solid-state oscillator with a vacuum tube. Yields incredible detail retrieval and dynamics throughout the entire audio spectrum.

ProLogue Premium features two SuperTubeClocks. Why? The addition of the second clock further reduces jitter, resulting in greater detail and resolution.

Premium Parts

Premium parts including polypropylene coupling caps, triple pi power supply filters, custom designed isolation transformers that separate the analog and digital devices, resulting in decreased signal degradation and improved sonics from top to bottom. Many CD players weigh in at ten pounds or less. Our CD players weigh 33 and 25 pounds!

Point-to-Point Wiring

You spend a lot of money on interconnects. So why have the signal go right from the RCA jacks or speaker terminals into circuit boards with copper traces so thin you can hardly see them? What’s high-end about that?

PrimaLuna employs point-to-point wiring on all products. The entire signal path, including resistors and capacitors, is painstakingly hand-wired with heavy-gauge cable by craftspeople.

Dual-Mono Topology

Per channel dedicated tubes. While it is fine to use a single tube as a buffer for both channels and claim your CD player is "tube", it can't be compared to the PrimaLuna design and what it does for the music.

Vacuum tube rectified power supply adapted from the award-winning ProLogue preamps incorporates eleven separate power supply regulation circuits. Tube rectification is synonymous with organic sound, especially with CD players being known as sounding like "a computer".

USB Digital Input

USB digital input allows using your computer for storage and playback of your music with all the benefits of features like playlists and easier access to your whole music library. Rather than just add in a USB input as an afterthought, PrimaLuna engineers searched endlessly looking for the best-sounding USB interface we could find. We found the hiFace, made by M2Tech in Italy. This USB input converts the jitter-filled USB digital signal to S/PDIF, dramatically improving the digital signal quality before it even gets to the SuperTubeClocks. This USB input is a true high-resolution digital input, so you can play back your high resolution digital files, up to 24-bit/192kHz.


Tube Complement: 4 x 12AU7, 2 x 5AR4

Inputs: 1 x USB

Analog: 1 x stereo RCA
Digital: 1 x coaxial, 1 x optical

Dimensions (WHD): 14.5" x 8" x 15.5"

Weight: 33 lb.