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Cary Audio

Cary Audio CAD 805 Anniversary Edition (factory sealed)

Cary Audio CAD 805 Anniversary Edition (factory sealed)

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Cary Audio CAD 805 Anniversary Edition (factory sealed)

Factory sealed!

One year warranty from Upscale Audio

Fifty watt, pure class-A mono power amplifiers

Pure reference single-ended triode monoblock amplifiers. The latest version of the venerable 805C amplifiers. Some of the circuit changes are subtle, some are not; all are designed to enhance the performance and sound quality of this legendary single ended triode power amplifier.

The input section now uses two 6SN7 vacuum tubes in a differential input pair design. Using a pair of 6SN7 tubes offers greater detail and control of the 300B tube driver stage. The 300B vacuum tube driver section drives the output stage with your choice of either a 211 or an 845 output tube. Both power tubes come as standard equipment with the 805 Anniversary Edition. Other circuit changes have been made to extend the power amplifiers' low frequency range response and control.

The change from a 211 output tube to the 845 tube (or vice versa) merely requires an adjustment of a top panel switch after physically changing the output tube. The CAD 805 Anniversary comes with a Hoyt precision external bias meter as standard equipment for initial set up, or for checking the bias level when changing the output tube.

The 805 Anniversary Edition power amplifiers' output transformer is an air core design, potted with a high temperature silicone wax compound for maximum stability, long term durability and the best possible performance.

The 805 Anniversary edition chassis is painted in a high-gloss Anthracite Black, which is a lustrous black paint including small flecks of silver, covered with a tough clear coat finish. All internal wiring for the 805 Anniversary Edition is done exclusively with Kimber cable.

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Circuit type: Class A Single Ended triode
Rated power output:
50 watts rms
Frequency response:
10-40 kHz +/- 1 dB
Bandwidth @ 1/2 rated power: 15-30 kHz +/- 1 dB
Rated input sensitivity: 1 volt
Input impedance: 150 k Ohms
Signal to Noise ratio, A weighted: > 85 dB below rated power
Speaker terminals: 3 pairs of 5 way binding posts, gold plated
Chassis Size: 10" H x 12.25" W x 24" D
Weight, per amplifier chassis: 110 lb.