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the ultimate guide to tube-rolling: 6922

A high-transconductance small-signal tube

6922 / 6DJ8 / ECC88 / E88CC / 6N23P / 6N11

A miniature nine-pin medium-gain dual triode with very high transconductance. First developed by Amperex / Philips for use as an amplifier in TV tuners, and later used in high-quality oscilloscopes.

6H23 / 6922 Rocket Logo (NOS)

6H23 / 6922 Rocket Logo

Great extension and nice mids, but too microphonic for anything but the driver or buffer grade.

Electro-Harmonix 6922

Electro-Harmonix 6922

Whether boxed as Sovtek or a 6H23, these offer a warm, slightly relaxed sound, just are just a little warmer than the Type 3. 

Electro-Harmonix 6922 Gold Pin

Electro-Harmonix 6922 Gold Pin

Slightly relaxed and a smidge warmer than a Type 3. Will round out harsher systems, and offer a palpable midrage to Sonic Frontiers or Audio Research gear.

Customer reviews

The reviews bear out Kevin's description above, and the tubes seem to last a long time too. 

Matsushita / National PCC88 / 7DJ8 (NOS)

Matsushita / National PCC88 / 7DJ8

A sense of ease and grace that all the best NOS tubes have. Similar midrange to a Telefunken 6DJ8, but with better top and bottom extension. A lovely organic sound.

Customer reviews

Customers report expanding soundstages and better instrument separation. "Organic", "natural sounding", warm but with top-end presence. Many customers love the detail they hear, but without ever losing that natural quality. "Natural" is probably the descriptor that comes up most frequently. The caution would be if you had a laidback system, they might limit dynamics too much.

Siemens 7308 (NOS)

Siemens 7308

A clean top end that maintains extension without being bright. Neutral mids and a wonderful, tight bass.

Customer reviews

Customers report a big improvement in bass, and echo that there's top-end presence without it being too bright. 

Gold Lion E88CC / 6922

Gold Lion E88CC / 6922

A tonally balanced tube that is durable and quiet.

Customer reviews

Customers with harsh systems find these tame the top end without losing detail, and offer lushness without too much of a tonal shift to warmth. Reviews suggest this is a greatly underrated tube.

Tungsram PCC88 / 7DJ8

Tungsram PCC88 / 7DJ8

Bascom H. King, yes, the BHK in  PS Audio's pre and power amps, loves this tube. It adds an incredible level of texture and space.

Customer reviews

Customers comment on the sense of space these tubes bring, with a balanced tone. 

BEL E88CC / 6922 Philips SQ Design (NOS)

BEL E88CC / 6922 Philips SQ Design

A match made in India for the 1960s Philips-made 6922. Extended top end, powerful bass. 

Customer reviews

Sparkle, air, soundstage, and lots of headroom. Customers agree this is a very special find.

Amperex 6DJ8 / ECC88 Bugle Boy (NOS)

Amperex 6DJ8 / ECC88 Bugle Boy

Liquid smooth, slightly upfront mids, and a nice airy top end. 

Customer reviews

Transparent with a great soundstage, upfront presentation.

Tungsram 6922 (NOS)

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6H23 / 6922 Type 3 (NOS)

6H23 / 6922 Type 3

The most durable 6922, very clear in the mids, great extension top and bottom. Less warm than a Type 2.  Detailed and dynamic.

Customer reviews

Customers back up the durability of this tube, saying they were quiet and stayed quiet for far longer than any other 6922 they've tried.

and classically trained musician loved their harmonic accuracy. Good "inner detail" comes up often, and does tighter, deeper bass.

Amperex 7308 Vintage Gold Pin (NOS)

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Mullard CV2493 / 6922 (NOS)

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Mullard E188CC / 7308 (NOS)

Mullard E188CC / 7308

Nice midband texture, slightly relaxed on top.

Telefunken PCC88 / 7DJ8 (NOS)

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Siemens A-Frame E88CC / 6922 (NOS)

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Siemens E88CC / 8223 (NOS)

Siemens E288CC / 8223

Smooth-sounding 6922 variant. 

Philips SQ E88CC / 8223 (NOS)

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Telefunken E88CC / 6922 (NOS)

Telefunken E88CC / 6922

Kevin says this is the best-made Telefunken he has ever encountered, and the best-testing of all our tubes. Shockingly good, neutral and beautiful sounding. 

Customer reviews

The average of 60 reviews? Five stars! No other tube gets such consistent high ratings. "I don't recall the last time I spent this kind of money and was so happy with the results." "This tube is the best I have heard." "Immense soundstage."

Actually, let's focus on the three reviews out of 60 that weren't a full five stars. One customer gave them three stars because about two years and about 100 hours later, the tubes were noisy. Unfortunately, this happens now and then--even with well-testing tubes. Another three star was from a customer who compared them with much more expensive and rarer tubes. And the one four star was from a guy with a tone generator and oscilloscope. Need we say more?

Telefunken CCa (NOS)

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