Scale With Upscale

Scale with Upscale

Build A High-Quality Separates System That Grows With You

So you want a kick-ass music system, but have no idea where to begin? There are a few ways to build the hi-fi of your dreams:

1) Buy a top-notch system and just never buy again. The trouble is, few of us are happy with the system we can afford to buy at one go.

2) Buy a great component, and run it mismatched (or even have it sit in a box) until savings allow for a matching component.

3) Buy an entry level system, and trade your way up component by component.

4) Start with a well-chosen, relatively inexpensive system that sounds great out of the box, but gives you plenty of upgrade options that don’t involve selling or trading gear you already bought. We call it "Scale with Upscale."

This article is all about option (4). We start with a system many people would be happy to never upgrade again, and all improvements are made by addition only. We’ll focus on electronics because loudspeaker choice is much more subjective and room dependent. Once you get the electronics down, it’s a lot easier for the experts at Upscale to hook you up with the perfect loudspeakers for you, your system, and your room. 

NOTE: Everything below is just one example of a 'Scale with Upscale' system. Call or email to discuss a roadmap for your ideal system.

Get going with a streaming DAC and power amp - $4,299

In a well set-up system, vibration control is an easily heard upgrade. Under power amps, it tends to improve bass response, and under source components it drops the noise floor, and improves air and imaging. Many of us at Upscale use IsoAcoustics Orea because the Gaia feet work so well, but Nordost Sort Kones are also a great option.