Kevin Deal


Upscale Audio was founded by Kevin Deal in 1994. He quickly established himself as the Tube Guru, and unquestionably, ranks as one of the foremost experts in vacuum tubes. With his multi-day burn-in and testing process, Kevin cemented Upscale Audio’s reputation as a thoroughly reliable vendor of quiet and long-lasting vacuum tubes for high-fidelity audio.

He is also well known for his YouTube videos where he is not afraid to open up the products he sells and frankly discuss the parts and engineering that go into them.  

With a reputation forged on exceptional customer service and product knowledge, Kevin has built Upscale Audio into one of the premier retail establishments in North America, and an audiophile household name around the world.

Kevin loves cars, especially Porsches, and also collects watches. He lives in Upland, CA, not far from the Upscale Audio store.