Cryogenically Treated Vacuum Tubes


Most of you already know that Upscale Audio is the premier destination for expertise and availability of vacuum tubes for high-end audio equipment. So when we offer services and options, you can be guaranteed that it represents a significant investment of research and capital, and that the end result will greatly enhance your listening experience.

Upscale has contracted with the foremost company involved in this technology, 300 Below, to treat our most popular tubes. Other tubes will be added as time allows, but it is a time consuming process. Our intention is to have most stocks Cryogenically treated before we even test them.


Of course, your first question is – and should be – why?

In a nutshell, reducing an object’s temperature to -300ºF re-arranges its molecular structure, creating greater uniformity that results in longer life and better performance than when the product was initially designed.

With vacuum tubes, this process has been claimed by some to have a profound impact on a tube’s ability to endure thermal shock, and improve both life and sound quality. 

Upscale Audio does not make any claims. But we have many regular customers that demanded we make Cryogenically treated tubes available. We've done so by offering the best cryo treating  service at a fraction of what others charge.

Upscale Audio uses a professional facility with extensive experience in working with musical instruments as well as auto racing, metal tooling, and high-end sporting goods from rifle barrels to golf clubs. Expect nothing but the best from Upscale Audio. Cryogenic treatment has a profound effect on metallic parts:


  • Increases abrasive wear resistance
  • Requires only one permanent treatment
  • Creates a denser molecular structure
  • Produces a larger contact surface area that reduces friction, heat and wear
  • Changes the equipment’s entire structure, not just the surface
  • Subsequent refinishing operations or re-grinds do not affect permanent improvements.
  • Eliminates Thermal shock through a dry, computer controlled process.
  • Transforms almost all soft retained austenite to hard martensite.
  • Forms microfine carbide fillers to enhance large carbide structures
  • Increases durability or wear life (yet to be verified in tubes, but it is verified in many other parts including tools, racecar engines, and firearms).
  • Decreases residual stresses in tool steels
  • Decreases brittleness (this does not mean sonic brittleness)
  • Increases tensile strength, toughness and stability coupled with the release of internal stresses

Our charge for Cryogenically treating tubes is a fraction of what others charge, though we use the premier company. Count on Upscale to do the best job and not price gouge .