This Limited Edition Will Take You Back!

Bring Your Music into the Future

Cambridge Audio Limited Edition EVO 150 DeLorean

Cambridge Audio announces a Limited Edition EVO 150 DeLorean ($3,199), with just 1,000 units available worldwide.

The Cambridge Audio EVO 150 is a "just add speakers" streaming integrated amplifier powered by a 150 W class-D Hypex Ncore amplifier with a beautiful high-res screen and a great factory app. It is also Roon Ready.

The bare metal DeLorean edition is the first product to celebrate Cambridge as the official audio partner of the legendary DeLorean Motor Company, Inc. With meticulously crafted, brushed bodywork and sumptuous silver detailing, this unit pays homage to the iconic DeLorean DMC-12, a car (and time machine) known world-over for its stunning design.

The original EVO 150 ships with wood and black side panels, and the Delorean edition revs it up with two DeLorean-themed body kits.

DeLorean Amp

As Cambridge puts it, "Either take a nostalgia trip to the ’80s with an aesthetic that echoes the front grille and classic logos of the DMC-12 [above] or head back to the future with brushed metal panels featuring the cutting-edge logo from the forthcoming DeLorean ultra-luxury sports car [below]."

DeLorean Amplifier

"This is heavy," Marty McFly would say when he learns there will be only 1,000 EVO 150 DeLoreans spread across the Asian, European, and North American markets. In the US, we will see them only next month, but you can ensure your unit will not fade out of your future by calling us now and locking your ride down, or just order your EVO 150 DeLorean now.

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