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A reissue of one of the most iconic speakers in the history of hi-fi

Kevin has also reviewed the smaller Mission 700 with its Inverted Driver Geometry.

Mission Even More Possible

The smaller Mission 700, with its 6.5" mid-woofer, uses Mission's "Inverted Driver Geometry" to cause mid and bass waves to take a slightly longer path to the listener's head, thus arriving much closer to the faster tweeter waves. This physical time alignment means the crossover can remain simple whilst using the finest parts.

The Mission 700 and 770 come with hand-applied, rich rose-tinted walnut or black real-wood veneers and a luxurious laminated white-front baffle. We have these in stock and ready to ship. As always, call or chat or email, and one of our hi-fi-mad sales staff will talk to you about your system and listening preferences and advise on whether these will be a good fit for you.

Mission 700 Loudspeaker
Mission 770 Loudspeaker
 Mission 700 with Stands (pair) Mission 770 with Stands (pair)

Meet the Feliks Brothers at CanJam NYC

Feliks Brothers at CanJam NYC

From left: Lukasz Feliks, sales, Piotr Feliks, production, and Michal Feliks, design and marketing, Feliks Audio.

The Feliks brothers, Lukasz, Michal, and Piotr, will be at CanJam NYC with their own Feliks Audio booth. They will be showing off the Feliks Audio Euforia EVO headphone amp. Their presence at CanJam is an excellent opportunity to learn about the product from the people who know it best.

Their father, Henryk Feliks, an electronics engineer and avid tube audio fan, is the founder of Feliks Audio. Henryk began building tube amps for himself and later for friends. His designs became so popular that in the 1990s, the hobby became a business, and that's how this acclaimed Polish company was born. Today, his three sons own the business: Lukasz is in sales development, Piotr supervises production, and Michal controls product design and marketing.

The Euforia EVO is generating tons of excitement—take one look, and it's easy to see why. This OTL flagship is one of the most beautiful of all of Felik's designs, with the upgraded internals from the 20 Anniversary Euforia, an XLR input, a stunning new faceplate, and an open design that shows off the curves of those gorgeous tubes.

If you're at the show, be sure to drop by and give the three Feliks brothers a warm welcome. We are excited to see you there.

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What We're Listening To

By Jake Spencer, Sales Associate

Skrillex Album

'Rumble' from Quest for Fire by Skrillex.

This powerful and high-energy track showcases Skrillex's signature sound and production style. It features heavy bass drops, intricate rhythms, and intense vocal performances from Fred Again and Flowdan. Combining Skrillex's production expertise, Fred Again's melodic sensibility, and Flowdan's commanding presence creates a potent and engaging listening experience.

From the ominous spoken-word intro to the frenzied drop and the more restrained breakdowns, one of the most impressive aspects of 'Rumble' is how Skrillex and his collaborators can balance the track's intense, hard-hitting elements with more subtle and nuanced moments.

Moreover, the production quality of 'Rumble' is top-notch. The mix is clean and dynamic, giving each element ample space to breathe and shine. This is especially apparent when listening to the song in high-quality 24-bit high-res on Qobuz, where the track's intricate sound design and detailed production work can be appreciated.

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