Suddenly, Everything Is Fyne

Suddenly, Everything Is Fyne

Our early shipment from Scotland is here

Fyne Audio F1-5 Bookshelf Loudspeaker

Imagine a Skunk Works division of your favorite heritage brand.

Named after Loch Fyne, about two hours from Glasgow, this upstart company was founded in 2017 but, paradoxically, has a long, distinguished history.

It's no secret that Fyne Audio was by a core team that left Tannoy after the Scottish OG was bought in 2015 by Music Tribe, the parent company of Behringer and other pro audio brands.

The Fyne Audio team found themselves both freed from tradition and steeped in it, and were able to use this to develop a totally new, yet totally familiar loudspeaker. Imagine the Skunk Works division of any of your favorite heritage brands and what they might come up with.

This is how you end up with a beautiful, mind-bending speaker such as the F1-5 above. You can see the echo of proven point source technology but implemented in a startling new way with a host of modern materials. Also, Fyne speakers really are as beautifully built and finished as the photo suggests.

Fyne Audio was fortunate to be well funded, and they provided Dr. Paul Mills everything he needed to develop innovative speakers. For example, he became enamored of cryo treatment, recognizing its benefit to crossovers. The company built Dr. Paul his own cryo treatment lab, where he can refine the process and bring cryo treatment to ever lower price points.

The Tricksy Tractrix's Tricks

One of Fyne's most interesting innovations is hidden in most of its speakers. It is the patented object that takes formerly slightly bloomy bass and turns it into a dynamic, room-pressurizing dance: the BassTrax tractrix diffusor.

In geometry, a tractrix is a type of "curve of pursuit" (and has a cousin with an equally interesting name, a radiodrome.) Pursuit curves are the paths drawn by points following another point moving through space. For our purposes, a tractrix cone is best imagined as a Hershey Kisses shape. The bass wave fires onto the point of the Kiss and disperses smoothly through the room in a 360-degree pattern, giving you room-filling sound without losing the snap.

The IsoFlare Singularity

Though Fyne Audio's drivers are coaxial, we prefer to call them single point-source designs as "coaxial" brings up a vision of a tweeter merely sitting in the center of a bigger driver.

IsoFlare is so much more than that. While the tweeter does share an axis with the mid/bass driver, it is set far into it. This allows it to be loaded with a special horn (the "isoflare") and also gives the slower bass wave from the surrounding driver a headstart so everything arrives simultaneously at your ears.

Fyne's careful design allows for an unusually low crossover point at 750 Hz. This means that the critical upper midrange (where most speakers are forced to crossover) is left untroubled by crossover distortion.

Sam Mountain, our graphic designer and guitarist with a band, said he has never heard imaging that is so precise and stable, resulting in centered vocals that seemed so real, it was uncanny.

We have air-freighted the first part of our opening order with Fyne Audio from Scotland to serve customers who have already bought speakers and to have Fyne's "greatest hits" on hand while we wait for the rest to arrive by ship. Contact us to find your Fyne.

Find My Fyne

Trade In Your Old Gear for a 30% Discount

Cambridge Audio makes it even easier to start livin' with an Edge.

Cambridge Audio's Edge is the British legend's no-hold-barred series that features a streaming DAC/preamp, an integrated amp, a stereo power amp, and monoblock power amps.

You can trade in any hi-fi gear, whether still working or currently simply ballast. Bring us these poor tired amps or receivers or disc players, and you will receive a 30% discount on your choice of Edge component. You can save as much as $1,950 off the Edge A integrated amplifier, and also get rid of that AM/FM tuner that hasn't worked since Aerosmith debuted Get a Grip.

Cambridge Audio Edge NQ Preamplifier Network Player DAC
Cambridge Audio Edge W Stereo Power Amplifier

Cambridge Audio Edge NQ Preamplifier / Network Player / DAC

Cambridge Audio Edge W Stereo Power Amplifier

$5,499.00 $4,499.00

Edge allows you to create a neat, perfectly matched two- or three-box system. Pair the Edge NQ streaming DAC with the Edge W stereo power amp, or go big with a pair of the Edge M monoblocks.

The Edge A stereo integrated amp with DAC and headphone out can become the heart of a variety of home systems. It uses Cambridge Audio's class XA amplification, which adds a bias voltage to a class AB design, thereby combining the clarity of class A with the efficiency of AB.

Talk to one of our sales team members for more details and find out how you can take your system to the edge.

Cambridge Audio Edge A Integrated Amplifier
Cambridge Audio Edge M Monoblock Power Amplifier

Cambridge Audio Edge A Integrated Amplifier

Cambridge Audio Edge M Monoblock Power Amplifier

$6,499.00 $4,749.00

Time to Source Your SourcePoint

Let's talk about another magical single point-source speaker, the MoFi SourcePoint.

Until May 15, MoFi is offering a discount on these "super bookshelves," SourcePoint 8 and SourcePoint 12. 

The numbers in the name refer to the size of the mid/bass driver, so you can imagine the vast, room-filling sound you get from these speakers. 

Though the tweeter isn't horn-loaded, you'll see it sits quite far back into the mid/bass driver, using the cone as a waveguide. This is why Andrew Jones had to pay a huge amount of attention to the motor system for linear excursion, and also use those large, very stiff cones to get lots of bass with minimal driver excursion. 

At 46.2 lb. each, the SourcePoint 10 is, in some ways, a floorstander in the air, and needs bedrock to function perfectly. Luckily, MoFi offers a custom stand that is 20" high to bring the tweeter to the right level and whose legs can be filled with sand, giving that giant 10" woofer a proper foundation to work off.

MoFi SourcePoint 8
MoFi SourcePoint 10
MoFi SourcePoint 10 Stands (pair)
MoFi SourcePoint 8 (pair) MoFi SourcePoint 10 (pair) MoFi SourcePoint 10 Stands (pair)
$1,999.00 $2,999.00 $499.00
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