Great Scots!

Meet Fyne Audio speakers and two of the Scottish brand's founders at AXPONA

Fyne Audio Line-Up

Dr. Paul Mills and Anji Sosna of Fyne will join us at AXPONA this year.

How many products do you own where you have met the person who has designed and made them? (Not counting your friend's daub on the living room wall or that shaky coffee table hewn by your spouse.)

One of the coolest things about high-end audio is how easy it is to meet the people who dream up and manufacture the products that bring you so much joy.

This April at AXPONA, we present the chance to meet someone who already is—or is destined to be—your speaker design hero: Dr. Paul Mills.

As the technical director of Fyne, Dr. Paul is the man behind all of those patented designs that take well-established point-source technology and ensure it's relevant even in the future.

In addition to IsoFlare tweeters, BassTrax diffusers, and no-compromise crossovers, Dr. Paul has developed a proprietary in-house cryogenic process that takes speaker performance to a completely unexpected level. Rather than just cryo-treat internal cables or individual components, says Dr. Paul, the complete crossover network is processed. "This holistic process ensures that every solder joint benefits from improvements to the crystal structure."

Having an in-house cryogenic lab means that Dr. Paul is always tinkering with bringing cryo treatment to more parts and to ever lower price points. "The next thing we intend to look at is the processing of voice coils which we think could be beneficial, and also binding posts."

We will have a range of Fyne speakers at AXPONA and are especially looking forward to hearing Dr. Paul's latest brainchild, the Fyne SuperTrax. This 360-degree dispersion supertweeter is fresh from astonishing attendees of the Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2024. "I will be on hand to answer any questions," says Dr. Paul. "This is especially important because the way SuperTrax works is not intuitive, which makes these conversations interesting."

Yes, Dr. Paul, we also like watching skeptics have their minds melted and shibboleths shattered.

Expanding US Presence

Anji Sosna, the managing director at Fyne, will also be there. This will be the first time he's at AXPONA, and he is greatly looking forward to introducing prospective customers to the Fyne brand.

First established in the US in 2019, Fyne is poised to greatly ramp up its expansion into the American market. For you, this means greater model selection, quick shipping, easy returns, and excellent product support. Says Anji, "Our Fyne team has always been very customer-focused and accessible, ready to meet and talk and answer questions from dealers and customers."

We agree. All of us at Upscale, from sales to marketing to support, can testify to the company's responsiveness.

"We have a great heritage and a wonderful story to tell, but our products, with their true musicality, really speak for themselves.

We couldn't have put it better. Come listen with us at AXPONA!

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