Georges Cabasse And His Legendary Brand

George Cabasse

A family of luthiers still make fine musical instruments

Imagine an audio brand with a three-century history of making music.

At Upscale, we love to associate with brands that have great stories. That's especially true when great stories come from long histories driven by interesting personalities and the innovative ideas they doggedly pursue to perfection.

Cabasse, with its 70-year history, is certainly no exception. The French company was founded in 1950 by Georges Cabasse and built its reputation on its highly engineered coaxial drivers. Today, those drivers come in cohesive, extremely cogent, tightly engineered products that offer high-fidelity sound in easy-to-use and -own packages.

Georges passed away in 2019, but we recently were able to speak with his son, Christophe Cabasse, who generously provided us with information on the brand's history and impressions of his father. Long before the family's name was on a loudspeaker, the Cabasses were luthiers, and produced instruments from 1730 to 1840, making guitars, violins, cellos, organs, and double basses. In fact, one of these basses is still in use by the Istanbul Philharmonic.

Christophe Cabasse

Christophe Cabasse. son of the founder.

Christophe shared with us the story of his father and the founding of the company. Growing up in Paris, Georges played the lute and the piano and yearned to go to any concert he could. While he couldn't afford the price of a ticket, he found he was able to attend for free if he went in after the intermission, so he knew the second half of many performances very well. He also found that his sonic memory was incredibly well-developed, and when he became an engineer, it seemed only natural that he use both his technical and artistic background to produce high-fidelity music reproduction equipment.



Cabasse Minorca MC40 + Pearl Sub Bundle

Just add music! The Pearl Sub contains a streaming DAC, speaker amps, and of course, an active subwoofer. Connect the Pearl to power and the internet, connect the Minorcas to the Pearl, and you're ready to go. The Minorca MC40 is a three-way coaxial mid-tweeter passive speaker with a 7" woofer that has been designed and assembled in France with a luxurious and meticulous finish.

This is the perfect setup if you want Cabasse's system integration but prefer a more traditional loudspeaker design. The coaxial mid-tweeter offers exceptional imaging, and the traditional woofer allows the sub to be dialed in a little lower, offering seamless frequency extension, which also contributes to great weight and sense of space to the sound.

cabasse bundle
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