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MoFi x Andrew Jones

The new SourcePoint 10 loudspeaker is a masterpiece

MoFi Sourcepoint 10 Loudspeaker

The MoFi SourcePoint 10 loudspeaker, by Andrew Jones


Designed from the ground up, this concentric-driver two-way is truly worthy of being MoFi's debut loudspeaker.

A few weeks ago, a small contingent from Upscale Audio was invited over to Andrew Jones' dedicated studio in Los Angeles to listen to his newest creation, two years in the making. 

The SourcePoint 10 is the result of a clean-sheet design brief and features a two-way concentric driver with a 10" woofer and a 1.25" soft dome tweeter. Andrew has decades of experience designing concentric drivers, but mainly in a three-way format. The two-way concentric presents an interesting challenge. While there are tremendous benefits to having all of the speakers' drivers on the same axis (this creates a point source of sound that offers detailed imaging and coherency) the design does pose a few obstacles.

Kat's quick video preview of what to expect with the new MoFi SourcePoint 10.

As a necessity, the tweeter in a concentric driver utilizes the surrounding midrange or bass driver as a waveguide. The more this surrounding driver moves, the more phase distortion occurs in the high-frequency domain. In a three-way, the surrounding driver is a midrange and only moves minimally. In a two-way, however, it's a woofer, which uses a long excursion.

Andrew solved the problem by enlisting the use of a nice big woofer in conjunction with his Twin Drive magnet system. The large driver area means that this stand-mount produces deep, impactful bass requiring less woofer excursion, adding the two-way speaker's coherency to that of the concentric driver.

A great driver deserves a serious enclosure, and as the whopping 46.2 pounds per speaker suggest, there's some serious damping going on here. The sides of the speaker sport a robust 1" thick wall of MDF, an amazing 2-inch thick sculpted front baffle, and corners that lean backward, away from that precious bubble of sound emanating from the driver.

Look out for more information about these much-anticipated speakers, and an upcoming video featuring Andrew Jones.

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Focal-Naim Anniversary System: Ten Years of Making Music Together

Focal-Naim 10th Anniversary system

Buy a beautifully matched Naim Audio and Focal system in one go. Made in a special, one-off tin finish, you get streamer, pre/power, PSU upgrades, speaker cable, and speakers.

To mark 10 years (tin is commonly associated with a ten-year anniversary, the way silver is for 25 years and gold is for 50) of the Focal and Naim partnership, the company has released a complete system in a unique finish. The word 'unique' is used very lightly these days, but this is far closer to the original meaning, you will not find this Focal or Naim finish outside of the extremely limited Anniversary systems, and we have just one in stock. 

The Electronics

A Naim NDX 2 streaming DAC feeds the NAC 282 pre and NAP 250 DR power combo that's complete with the power-supply upgrades featuring NAPSC and HiCap-DR. The electronics drive a pair of Focal Sopra No2 via Super Lumina speaker cables.

The Sopra No2's side panels are in a concrete finish, and the front panel has a special metallic tin color. Even more unusual, is that Naim's signature black boxes have been given the tin treatment too, offering a matching and very classy metal finish that's hard to truly discern in the photos.

The Cables and Speakers

All of the Naim gear above ships with the necessary power cords and interconnects. In addition, the anniversary bundle comes with a 3 m pair of the Naim Super Lumina speaker cable (which retails for $4,239). These are the finishing touches to the perfectly matched and voiced pairing with the Focal Sopra No2 loudspeakers, long an Upscale Audio and Kevin Deal favorite. A true sweet spot in the Focal range, the Sopra is a three-way with a 1" beryllium tweeter, a 6.5" W Cone midrange, and two 7" W Cone woofers.

Bought separately, this bundle will cost $53,433.  It's very rare to be able to buy a factory-matched ready-to-play separates system. The Focal Naim 10th Anniversary Edition gives you just one chance to do so, both at a big discount and in a finish that few other people on earth will own.

Watch Kevin get excited about the Focal Sopra No 2 speakers included in the Focal-Naim 10th Anniversary system.
Focal-Naim 10th Anniversary system

 Focal Naim 10th Anniversary Edition

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