"A $1,795 Miracle," Says Kevin!

Kevin is blown away by the Cabasse Abyss

Cabasse Abyss Amplifier

This intelligent amp is a box of audio magic with truly impressive sound quality.

Kevin Deal did something crazy the other day. He took home the Cabasse Abyss (no, not yet the crazy part) and didn't have a pair of smaller speakers accessible, so he connected it to his Focal Grande Utopia speakers, shown in the photo below.

"This is a $1,795 miracle," concluded Kevin after this bonkers experiment. "I used it as a complete system with my $280,000 Focal Grande Utopias today, and I was so blown away I came right back down to the office and made a video about it. I don't know how they do it."

One way Cabasse does it is that they are as adept with software as they are with materials and hardware. They can design and build custom tri-coaxial drivers with special amps for each driver and are just as capable of writing advanced DSP code to keep that driver working at its very best. The Abyss streaming amplifier is the single-box demonstration of this coding and electronic finesse.

Kevin's listening room

Kevin Deal in his home listening room with his Focal Grande Utopia speakers that he recently used to demo the Cabasse Abyss amp and wasn't disappointed.

Cabasse Abyss Amplifier

 Cabasse ABYSS Wireless Amplifier



Staring into the Abyss

Jordan Perez, one of our sales associates, spent some time with the Abyss and also came away deeply (get it?) impressed. He found it easy to set up but made sure to offer an insider tip: If you move from one Wi-Fi network to another, remember to hit the reset button at the back of the unit to save yourself much head-scratching.

"The biggest and coolest thing, though," says Jordan, "was when I connected it to the Cabasse Jersey speakers."

Cabasse makes a range of passive speakers, and the Abyss is loaded with ultra-custom DSP profiles for each of them. This factory code is so tight and perfect that Jordan estimated that with the push of a button, the Jersey went from a $1,400 pair of speakers to at least $5,000.

We've heard from Kevin and Jordan; now let's hear from Robert E. Greene, who reviewed the Abyss for the current issue of The Absolute Sound. The review awards the product a standing ovation and goes into great detail, breaking down exactly what loudspeaker problems the Abyss can compensate for. Robert tested it with the Cabasse Murano Alto, and was especially moved by the dynamic and spatial ability of this system, something that Jordan also praised about the Abyss/Jersey system.

"If our annual awards had a category for 'most innovative, future-pointing product,” writes Robert, "the Cabasse Abyss would be a leading contender."

Abyss + Java MC40

The Abyss Stares Back

Just add speakers! The Cabasse Abyss is a 120 Wpc streaming amp that combines Cabasse's seamless streaming DAC and app engine with the amplification used in the flagship The Pearl Pelegrina.

The sleek and stylish design features an intuitive LCD color touchscreen with a volume control ring. Over-the-air upgrades mean that the Abyss will just get better with time.

While stocks last, Cabasse's passive speakers are discounted 30%. Buy an Abyss, and get a further 10% off any of these beautifully built loudspeakers for a killer one-box system.

For example, the Cabasse Jersey MC 170 is a three-way floorstander with a coaxial tweeter/mid and two 6.7" woofers for just $1,390 a pair before the discount. Buy the Abyss, and the Jersey's price falls to just $834 for the pair, giving you an incredible ready-to-play system for $2,629.

Abyss + Minorca MC40
Abyss + Jersey MC170
 Cabasse ABYSS + Minorca MC40
Cabasse ABYSS + Jersey MC170

New Cinema Demo Room Coming Soon

New Cinema Room Coming to Upscale Audio

We're thinking about movie nights and a popcorn machine here at Upscale Audio in La Verne as we are putting the finishing touches on a dedicated home cinema demo room, as shown in the photo above.

Remember though, at Upscale Audio we're all about stereo, so when we do venture into multichannel, it's always "music-first home cinema." After all, the old home theater adage is, if it does music well, it will do movies well.

We've run AudioQuest wiring through the walls and just finished placing the Focal in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers. There's an 83" 4K OLED TV and an Integra DRX-8.4 11.4-channel A/V Receiver.

Why in-wall speakers? They allow us to have a consistent "house sound" to evaluate electronics and subwoofers while also giving us the space to bring in speakers the customer wants to demo.

We will announce when the room is open for demos so you can call and make an appointment, which is strongly recommended.

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