Sean-Paul Williams

Raised "south of the border” in Buffalo, NY, Sean-Paul stumbled into the hi-fi industry shortly after moving to Los Angeles. SP had always been the kid with the latest garbage-picked receiver and set of mismatched speakers and, soon after starting at a local shop, the allure of proper turntable assembly and tuning took hold. That, and the simple but profound pleasure of listening to a decent music system.

Now having set up thousands of turntables and cartridges over the last decade, SP occupies the role of Analog Manager here at Upscale, and is responsible for almost every new table being tested by ear before it leaves. Outside of work, he is regularly found slumped over an ‘85 Toyota MR2, hunched over the latest watch project, or trudging through SoCal to the next hockey tournament.

Three On-Repeat-for-Life Albums: Gorillaz by Gorillaz. Bismillah by Peter Cat Recording Co., Deja Entendu by Brand New
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