Ken Davis

A Cincinnati, OH, native, Ken has lived in four states and seven cities. He has called Southern California home for many decades. 

His love affair with high-end audio equipment started at eight when his father gifted him some homemade speakers, so Ken wouldn’t mess with Dad's hi-fi gear anymore. Ken’s first full-time job was at Radio Shack, followed by other stereo stores. Then, after a 35-year stint in restaurant management, he returned to his love of music and stereo gear, stumbling back to hi-fi equipment sales 12 years ago. For Ken, hi-fi is a passion, hobby, and career. He loves to build speakers and pair them with the perfect tube amp.

Ken also loves animals and has had cats, a goat, ducks, and many dogs. He lives in Upland, California, and enjoys home improvement projects, hiking, and cycling outdoors. 

Three On-Repeat-for-Life Albums: Abbey Road by The Beatles, the greatest album of all time. Fragile by Yes. Blue Train by John Coltrane

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