Daelen Moreno

Born and raised in southern California, Daelan grew up as the typical California kid skateboarding, surfing, and playing in the sun. One thing that was always present while he was doing anything was music. His dad would play anything and everything pre-1980s including the Eagles, Donna Summer, and Gordon Lightfoot. His mom would play anything post-1980s including Goo Goo Dolls, Oingo Boingo, and Duran Duran. Daelan’s love for hi-fi started with his job in Magnolia at Best Buy in his junior year of college. He has a special love for headphones.

Daelan is an avid outdoors enthusiast and spends his free time cycling (mountain and road), snowboarding, hiking, and surfing. Any adventure of his is just another reason for him to chase down a new favorite beer. He currently lives near the shop in Claremont, CA.

Three On-Repeat-for-Life Albums: Madman Across the Water by Elton John, Ten by Pearl Jam, Circles by Mac Miller

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