VPI Avenger Plus Turntable with JMW 12-3D Reference Tonearm

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VPI Avenger Turntable with JMW 12-3D Tonearm

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The VPI Avenger table was originally a project started by Harry over 12 years ago. In the process of the design the project was dropped in mid-production due to excessive demand by HR-X customers which left the design and proto-type chassis to be mothballed. The good news about the abandoned design is Harry instead shifted his focus into starting and completing the VPI Classic Turntable.

Shortly after the development of the Prime, and while cleaning out the warehouse in preparation for a dealer training event, the forgotten Avenger and its designs were re-discovered! The working name was the "Tri-Pod Project". Being newly motivated, Harry has finally put in motion the table that will be his masterpiece!

The VPI Avenger chassis is three layers of bonded acrylic/aluminum/acrylic, with damping material between layers, locked in by 3 isolation steel corner posts, 3 bolts, and the massive bearing assembly. The corner posts which hold the tonearms (up to three will fit) have adjustable machined knobs giving the user the ability to easily raise and lower the height to level the table. The corner posts connect to the cone stabilizers which sit in a machined Delrin/ball bearing isolation base reminiscent of the same used on the Prime turntable. Fully adjustable armboards are made from 5/5” 6061 aluminum for rigidity and grounding. The table can mount up to three arms, any manufacture's brand, and any length!

The image above is a stock photo showing the Avenger Plus outfitted with two tonearms. The stock Avenger Plus only includes one tonearm & armboard.

The Avenger Plus includes all the features of the Avenger, but with the following included upgrades:

  • Rom Drive Motor Assembly
  • JMW 12-3D Reference Tonearm
  • Periphery Ring Clamp
  • ADS Power Supply

Available Upgrades

  • Avenger Reference Magnetic Drive
  • Avenger Reference Feet
  • Fatboy Tonearm
  • Additional JMW or Fatboy Tonearms
  • Additional armboards for 3rd party tonearms