VAC Alpha Phi Integrated Amplifier (USED)

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VAC Alpha integrated amp (USED)

Serial #1030001. Silver faceplate. This integrated was an all-out assault to be the best integrated VAC could make, and was priced accordingly at $15,000. It combined the elements of the Renaissance MK III preamplifier with the Phi 200 stereo power amp. It has a built in all tube phono stage suitable for MM or high output MC cartridges. Remote control volume and mute. It weighs in at an incredible 95 lbs! The dimensions are 17.8’x8.5’x16”.

It uses four 12AX7 tubes and two 12AU7 tubes and these were replaced by our Platinum Grade, Cryogenically Treated Mullard Re-issues. It also uses three 6SN7GT, and these were replaced by Platinum matched, Cryogenically Treated, Tung-sol Re-issues. And finally, instead of the regular KT88 tubes, we installed Platinum Graded, Cryogenically Treated KT120’s! It’s a great amp. Traded in for a PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP integrated. If you have questions on this call Uncle Kevvy.

This $15,000 amp is in beautiful condition as you can see. It has the original box, manual and remote. It has been completely refreshed to the highest standard. In fact, with the exclusive tube upgrades it’s better than new.

Upscale Certified

Upscale Certified Pre-Owned Components are fully bench-tested by an expert technician with over 25 years experience. All vacuum tubes are new or test as new. We further protect your investment with a 90-Day Warranty. Buy used with confidence. Buy Upscale Certified Pre-Owned.