Soundsmith Nautilus Moving Iron Cartridge

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Soundsmith Nautilus

Made in the USA. Rebuild Price? ~  $550 ~  Less than 20% of MSRP, as always! - Includes a two-year warranty for original owner!

The Soundsmith Nautilus is a moderate output version of the very popular Paua Moving Iron Cartridge with natural seashell detail.

Soundsmith is pleased to announce the Nautilus Medium Output cartridge designed to fill the need for audiophiles that have moderate gain preamplifiers from such esteemed manufacturers as Conrad-Johnson and Audio Research among many others! 

Peter Ledermann designed the Nautilus cartridge to perform flawlessly in preamps that utilize a 48dB-54dB gain structure. No longer is there any fear of overloading with a high output MM cartridge or having to ramp up the volume with a low output MC type. 

Based on Peter’s now classic Paua Moving Iron design, the Nautilus moderate output cartridge gives the same level of performance as its sibling. Without any tradeoffs, this new medium output cartridge will breathe new life and alter expectations from audio system front-ends with moderate gain! 

The laws of physics dictate how moving systems operate, therefore cartridges must strictly adhere to first principles to get sublime results. In accord with these laws, the Nautilus has an incredibly low effective moving mass, resulting in vastly improved damping. 

The lowered inertia means less stored energy in the moving system, so that primary resonances that normally occur all but vanish. This moving iron design allows the required stationary magnetic parts to be rigidly held in exact position at all times. The fully shielded annealed case allows totally hum free operation, RF shielding, and extreme mechanical stability. 


Stylus: Contact Line Nude, 0.100mm SQ 
Radius of curvature: Nude Contact Line SELECTED
Cantilever: Telescoping Aluminum Alloy 
Recommended Tracking force: 1.8 to 2.2 Grams 
Effective tip mass: 0.30 mg 
Compliance: 10µm/mN (low compliance)
Frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz ± 1.0 dB 
Channel Separation: 50-15,000 Greater Than 25 dB 
Channel difference Less Than 0.5 dB
Output voltage: 0.3 mV 
5 cm/sec. Lat. RMS: 1.1 mV 
Cartridge weight: 10.25 Grams 
Recommended Load: 1500 ohms or greater