Sonus faber Amati Futura (DEMO)

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Sonus faber Amati Futura (DEMO)


Amati Futura. Two last demo pairs available at unbelievable prices. Take advantage while you can.

The Amati Futura was born from the experiences and developments in the course of the project "The Sonus Faber" - both aesthetically, and technologically. The Futura is part of the Amati Homage Series, which was created as a tribute to the great violinmakers of the Cremonese school. The proposal is therefore directly related to Sonus faber's classical tradition, but it should be both radically innovative and progressive.

The goal of the Amati Futura design team was to transfer the knowledge gained from the design and construction of our "super speaker" "The Sonus Faber" into a more compact and affordable format. The Amati Futura is the first fruit of that effort.

Electro-Acoustic Construction
The Amati Futura is a Lute-shaped 3.5 way floor standing speaker. Through the use of "Stealth" reflex construction featuring a fully optimized decoupling system between speaker and floor and by using the Sonus Faber's "LVT" system (low vibration transmission) a "TMD" (Tuned Mass Damper) mechanical and sound vibration virtually eliminated. Also borrowed from the "The Sonus Faber," is the para-aperiodic "Stealth Reflex" technology employed internally as a resonator providing additional reduction of stray residual resonance in the lower frequency ranges by converting the kinetic energy into heat. 

Acoustic Enclosure
The enclosure is a fundamental component of Sonus faber's patented sound design. The progressively rounded, multi-layered sidewalls are constructed in a self-damped ("constrained layer damping") construction. This "acoustic environment" has been optimized for each driver through strategically located reinforcement ribs in each of the drive unit's individual acoustic chamber. The adaptation of these methodologies allows each driver used to come as close a possible to the theoretical performance ideal.

Innovative Features
A massive clamp consisting of two CNC machined nickel-Avional cones (Avional is a high strength aluminum alloy of 4.75% copper, 0.5% magnesium and 1.4% silicon) is used to halt cabinet vibration and resonance. The top and the bottom plates of the device act like an "exo-skeleton ensuring that any resonances within the enclosures walls are controlled and eradicated. The opposing end pieces are held together by a double wing-like metal brace at the rear of the enclosure. Together they function as a high-speed conductor for the rapid dissipation of resonance into the cone-shaped base casing.

A "Tuned Mass Damper", which is essentially a shock absorber for moving mass, absorbs specifically tuned frequencies converting any residual resonances into a thermo-kinetic state. Similar construction techniques to reduce resonance have been used in skyscrapers and Formula 1 cars. The speaker's exceptional performance is also somewhat due to the patented "LVT" system (low vibration transmission) that mechanically decouples the speaker from the floor. It uses an advanced elastomer-based suspension system reducing unwanted resonances transmitted into the listening room, whereby any acoustic feedback effects are effectively thwarted.

The "Stealth Reflex Port" is Sonus Faber's patented solution for the realization of a para-aperiodic enclosure ventilation system. The properties of this system allows for deep, extended bass with the same or less cabinet volume. In addition, it has all the advantages of conventional ports but eliminates the inherent "chuffing" sound completely.

The wood finishing techniques used on the Amati Futura were derived directly from "The Sonus Faber" indebted to the best violinmaker tradition. No less than seven layers of hand-polished lacquer is applied before coating with the eco-friendly sealer. Metal parts of the "exo-skeleton" are made of Avional owe their elegant appearance to a high-tech chemical treatment of the metals surface. The resulting finish is about 30 microns thick, very hard and extremely well proportioned and equipped with a remarkable resistance to corrosion. This surface is realized through a multistage process, first with a mirror polish and coating, followed by two more rounds, each using slightly different chemical treatments and polishing techniques.

The Drivers
Despite the use of extremely advanced technologies and measurement methods Sonus faber believes that at the end of the day the only ultimate tool for evaluating the sound is the human ear. During the development phase of each individual component, in addition to the analysis of its technical characteristics, all components are analyzed by ear. All drivers are manufactured exclusively for Sonus faber from prestigious Scandinavian manufacturers to the exacting standards and specifications of the Sonus faber design team. 

The Crossover
Special attention to the design of the crossover network of the Amati Futura in order to realize the musicality "of The Sonus Faber." The proper selection and design of transfer functions suitable for each driver determines the quality of the overall loudspeaker. The crossover of the Amati Futura uses a "progressive slope" architecture, typical for many Sonus faber speakers. It was chosen especially for its superior amplitude and phase response and for maintaining phase accuracy through the crossover transition frequencies of 80Hz, 220Hz and 3.2kHz. Additionally, only the finest component parts were considered including capacitors from Mundorf Supreme and Jantzen coils.


3.5-way, low spurious vibration optimized suspension, stealth reflex para-aperiodic loading, staggered low frequency floor standing loudspeaker system.

Lute-shaped design, multilayer, constrained-mode damping, enclosure formed using hand-selected wood layers, quality graded and oriented for carefully optimized resonances control. sub-structural ribs are strategically placed for absolute rejection of spurious vibrations. Avional exo-skeleton clamp structure with a tuned mass damper inhibiting the residual resonances of the wooden structure.

1.1 in. (29 mm) ultra-dynamic linearity classic soft dome moving coil driver, Sonus faber vibration optimized mechanical interface.

7 in. (179 mm), ultra-dynamic linearity driver. CCAW/Kapton "eddy current free" voice coil. Dynamically linear magnetic field motor incorporating triple Kellog/Goeller rings. Real time air-dried and non-pressed cellulose fiber cone. Designed synergistically with its optimized "acoustic chamber".

 8.75 in. (220 mm), lightweight elastomer foam damped Aluminum/Magnesium alloy cone driver in an acoustically amorphous "stealth reflex" chamber. Long-throw motor system with a 1.5" controlled "eddy current" voice coil is implemented for high speed, performance and linearity. Special coaxial anti-compressor used designed to remove cavity resonance and distortions.

Non-resonant "progressive slope" design, optimized amplitude/phase response for optimal space/time performance. HC (Hot/Cold) topology on tweeter hi-pass. The response at the low frequency range is controlled for amplifier friendly performance. Dual staggered transfer function low frequency/room interface optimized filter. Highest quality component parts are used including Mundorf "Supreme" capacitors, Jantzen inductors. Crossover points are 80 Hz, 220 Hz, and 3.2kHz.

Frequency Response:

25 Hz – 30 kHz

90 db SPL (2.83V/1 m).

Normal Impedance:
4 ohm.

Power Handling:
30W – 300W, without clipping

Dimensions (HxWxD):
46 x 16 x 25 in., 1160 x 405 x 635 mm

245 lbs., 111 kg net weight per pair 
320 lbs.,145 kg shipping weight per pair