Solid Tech Disc of Silence HD

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Solid Tech Disc of Silence HD (Heavy Duty, Set of Four)

The Discs of Silence is Solid Tech's workhorse isolator developed with the goal to create an effective height-adjustable isolator that can be adapted to uneven loads.

The HD version can handle up to 385 lb per set of four discs.

The Discs of Silence isolation-system consists of a cylindrically formed, sturdy and anodised aluminum base, extension-springs, center-hub and a height-adjustable center-screw with a damping layer for mechanical coupling to the component.

Price is for a set of four.

Pure technology – No voodoo. Solid Tech offers 88.48% reduction at 20Hz. Have you ever seen an independently conducted vibration measurement from any other audio-isolator manufacturer? Download Solid Tech's here