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PS Audio

PS Audio PerfectWave DAC II

PS Audio PerfectWave DAC II

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PS Audio PerfectWave DAC II

A custom PCM DAC with I2S and optional network bridge. Designed and manufactured in Colorado.

PS Audio's state-of-the-art D to A processor, preamplifier, and media center accepts PCM Digital Audio data and converts it to high-performance analog audio that can be fed directly to a power amplifier or preamplifier.

While excellent as a standalone DAC, the PerfectWave series is carefully designed as a system that has tremendous synergy with other PS Audio products. These are all designed through many hours of listening that supplement good engineering and solid design.

The PerfectWave has XLR, RCA, optical, and USB inputs, as well as I2S. All inputs can handle 192 kHz, 32 bit data, except for optical which is limited to 96 kHz, 24 bit. An optional PS Audio Network Bridge card will allow you to connect to your home network.

The Power of I Squared S

Using an HDMI cable, the I2S connection can be used only with another compatible PS Audio component such as the PerfectWave transport. This allows the two products to communicate using a high-speed internal protocol rather than translating to and from other protocols such as AES/EBU or S/PDIF.

Choose Your Filter

The PWD offers a total of five linear and minimum phase filter choices, along with a recursive non-half band type, which is a combination of both. An Auto function picks the best filter for the sample rate.

Within the linear and minimum phase filters you can choose from either apodizing or soft-knee options.

An apodizing filter is one that can be used to control the time smear of a whole recording and reproducing chain. This type of filter can reduce the pre- and post-ringing of the impulse response in both linear as well as a minimum phase filter choices.

Soft-knee filters take advantage of the larger transition band to reduce dispersion and delay through the filter. Instead of the classic “brick wall” filter approach of cutting everything above the passband off very sharply, a soft knee filter does this in a gentler fashion, thus minimizing group delay problems.


Sample Rate (Optical, Others): 96 kHz 24 bit, 192 kHz 32 bit

Inputs: Optional PS Audio Network Bridge, I2S, USB, XLR, RCA, optical


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