PS Audio Bridge II Network Audio Card

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PS Audio Bridge II

Having an internal file player on the Bridge II reduces clutter on your audio rack. Most importantly, the MQA files I auditioned sounded more natural, higher in detail and lower in time smear.


Public Service Announcement: The latest Bridge II cards no longer have a Type A USB Connector (used for adding a WiFi dongle). We recommend using the product below to WiFi the Bridge II card of your DirectSteam DAC:


The PerfectWave Network Bridge II brings network connectivity to your DirectStream or PerfectWave DAC. Based on UPnP formats, Bridge II can be controlled with any UPnP controller and is able to connect over your home's Local Area Network via Ethernet (Cat 5). Connect a NAS, computer, JRiver, whatever you have to your PWD or DirectStream.

The PS Audio Bridge II makes high-end fun again and connects DirectStream or PerfectWave DACs over the home network. This is the best sounding music input on a PS Audio DAC, better than even USB. Bridge II offers gapless play, stable performance, lower jitter and the freedom to enjoy digital audio collections, either PCM or DSD, with high performance at the touch of a finger. The Network Bridge II and DirectStream or PerfectWave DAC combo will allow you to build a musical library your friends and family can enjoy for years to come.

With the Network Bridge II installed, you can focus on what you really want: music and the joy of a high-end audio system.