ProAc Tablette Ten Signature - pair (USED)

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ProAc Tablette Ten Signature - pair 

We are currently holding these in our demo room to let customers A/B them with the Tannoy Autograph Mini standmounts. Let us know if you're ready to buy though, and we'll get back to you with pricing.

Serial #TTS/0573. Black ash. Excellent condition. Original box & manual.

Renowned mini-monitors based on the BBC LS3/5a design featuring thin walls and a heavily damped infinite baffle enclosure, these offer rich bass, and an extremely, almost unforgivingly transparent midrange. This directness and neutrality make the speakers step out of way, and connect listeners with the music in a way few speakers at this price point can ever do.  


Upscale Certified

Upscale Certified Pre-Owned Components are fully bench-tested by an expert technician with over 25 years experience. All vacuum tubes are new or test as new. We further protect your investment with a 90-Day Warranty. Buy used with confidence. Buy Upscale Certified Pre-Owned.