PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP Integrated (BLEM)

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PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP Integrated (BLEMISHED)

Fully tested, functions perfectly. 

Serial No: N3798933

PrimaLuna is one of the few audio brands that holds its value over the years. While the new EVO series has taken PrimaLuna to a new height, the DiaLogue Series is not far behind, and this is a great deal that will not last long. 

This unit has light scratches near the tube cage holes that occur during tube installation. These are covered by the tube cage, and are barely noticeable anyway. We do not have photos of this particular unit, but see our other listings to note how minor most blemishes are. 

Ships with remote, manual, power cord, and in original packaging. 

Comes with a three-year parts-and-labor warranty, and a six-month warranty on the tubes.